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Questions to Ask Professional Painters Prior to Hiring Them

All the professional painters around you will claim to be the best in the business and the most competent one to meet your painting needs. However, you should never take their claims by their face value. Rather, you need to evaluate their competency before hiring them. For that, you need to ask a few questions to them before hiring. The answers you get to those questions will prove their competency.  

Are you insured? 

This has to be the first question. You cannot afford to hire a local painting contractor in Perth or wherever you are that doesn’t have any insurance coverage. A fully insured painter will save you from financial burdens in the event of any mishap. It will also help you in case of any inadvertent damage to your assets during the painting. 

professional painters

How safe are your cleaning crews?  

This is a very important question to ask before hiring the painters. You must ensure that the painting crew who will have access to your home interiors (in case of interior painting) are licensed and bonded and all have comprehensive background-checks. That is why you must ask the painting contractor about the credibility of its painting crews.

Will you paint or will you pass on the responsibility to a third party subcontractor? 

There are many painting contractors who would pass on the responsibility of painting to a third party subcontractor. Refrain from those companies. Hence, it is important to ask whether the local painters in Perth will do all the painting themselves or pass on the responsibility to a sub-contractor.

What kind of tools and materials do you use? 

Painting tools and materials along with techniques change pretty drastically. Thus, before hiring, you must have a clear notion about the tools and the materials they would use to paint your property. Also, do not forget asking whether they have access to the latest tools and techniques, as that will directly have an influence on the quality of work the professionals will come up with. 

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Will you have a dedicated supervisor to deal with my project?

Painting – whether it’s domestic or commercial, interior or exterior has never been an easy task. There are a number of parameters to meet and a number of technical perfection to stick to. Hence, it is always better to have a qualified, dedicated supervisor to oversee your painting project to ensure all the qualitative parameters are met with. Thus, before hiring the painters in Pinjarra or anywhere else near Perth, do not forget to ask whether they will have a dedicated supervisor appointed for your project.

Are your painters well trained and if so, how frequently are they trained? 

As the painting tools and techniques change with time, you need to make sure that the painters you are hiring are periodically trained on the latest tools and techniques. This will ensure that the painting solutions the company comes up with are qualitatively perfect and at par with your expectations. Thus, you must ask the professional painters in Pinjarra whether they undergo training and if so, how frequently. 

Asking these questions will help you get in touch with the best painting company like Desire Painting WA. When you ask us these questions, you get more than satisfactory replies to all of them. Call us now at 0431445780 to ask.