How to Prepare Your Home Before the Arrival of Your House Painters?

When it comes to home painting, you must put stakes on the best residential painters of your place of residence. Once that is done, your task is done and the pros will pick up from there once they arrive. That’s right – but only partially. It’s true these professionals will do all that is needed to put a fresh coat of paint on and give a fresh lease of life to your home. However, to make that happen you need to prepare your home. So you have your tasks cut out before the residential painters in Rockingham arrive. What are those tasks? Let us discuss. 

Residential Painters

Removing the smaller objects….

You need to remove the smaller objects, furniture and fittings from the areas and rooms to be painted and stack them into a place away from all the activities and cover them up thoroughly, ensuring that they are not affected by the painting. 

Moving the larger stuff at the centre of the rooms…..

You need to move the larger objects, the bigger and cumbersome furniture at the centre of the rooms to be painted and stack them similarly, covering them comprehensively with high quality plastic covers to save them from splashes of paint and dust of preparing the surfaces before painting. It will also give the house painters in Rockingham enough space to maneuver while painting the walls and the ceiling. 

Covering the outlets and light switch covers

Now it’s your time to turn your attention towards the outlet and light switch covers. You need to cover them up with plastic sheets and fasten the sheets along their edge with the help of painters tape. It will prevent the paint from sneaking into the outlets and covers, spoiling them. 

Putting the painter’s tapes around the window and door frames, baseboards…

Finally, you need to put high quality painter’s tapes around the window and door frames and baseboards to ensure that the paints do not get into those areas where they are not supposed to. Though the highly skilled interior painters in Rockingham know the techniques of putting the paints carefully and perfectly, still in case of mishaps, these tapes will help you out. 

Cover the floor with drop clothes….

Get enough drop clothes and lay them down all over the floor to save them from pain spills, drops and splashes. You may also freeze the edges of the drop clothes with the floor by using painters’ tape to safeguard the floor adequately. 

It’s done….now you are ready for your painting professionals in Rockingham to turn up! 

But hey! There’s a bit more to go… are not done yet! What about the blinds and curtains? Pull them down….send them to laundry as the painters overhaul your home interiors. Or you may stack them at one place, covered adequately, till the painters are not done with. 

So that’s it! So you see, there is a lot to do. But fret not! Once you call Desire Painting WA, our experts will explain everything to you should you need further info from us. Call us at 0431445780 for the appointment.