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4 Small Paint Upgrades that Can Give Your Home a New Makeover

If it’s been long since you have painted your house, it’s likely to get bored with the outdated appearance. Your walls may be wearing down, paints might be peeling off the doors, windows, cabinets and gradually becoming an eyesore. At this point, all you look for is to restore the former glory of your house with an impeccable paint job. However, paintwork doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive. You can give a visual boost to your home with some small paint upgrades that won’t break your bank. Take a minute and read this blog to know explore some quirky house painting ideas.


You walk through your doors every day but have you ever noticed how they look like after so many years? Has the paint become discoloured over time? Are your doors facing the problem of chipping paint? Repainting is a great way to enhance the curb appeal and extend the longevity of your doors. Adding a new coat of paint on the front door will enhance the aesthetics and add freshness worthy to last. Besides addressing the condition of exterior doors, inspect the health of your interior doors too. If the paint has become worn or smudged, you may ask the local painters in Pinjarra to repaint them using emulsion paints.

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How well have you maintained your interior trims? If it’s been a while since you have painted it, chances are high they are looking grubby. Painted trims not just add character to your rooms but make your space welcoming. Upgrading your trims with fresh coats of paint can infuse freshness and add vibrance to your room. Painters in Pinjarra pay close attention to every detail and apply colours that can seamlessly blend with the aesthetics of your space.


Do your kids spend most of the time in hallways? Children consider walls to be their canvas and love painting on them, which in turn cause paint to deteriorate sooner than expected. Over time and extensive use, hallway paints fade and look dull. Because of paint discolouration, it becomes impossible to apply paint touch-ups that can complement the existing wall colour. Like trims, upgrading hallways with stain-resistant paint is a great way to boost the curb appeal and keep the aesthetics of your space intact for a lifetime. 


Like you pay attention to the rooms, kitchen and hallways, your bathrooms, too, need equal attention during painting. Bathroom is a high traffic area that bears the regular abuse of soap scum, moisture, water splashes and causes paint to degrade over time. Most of the time, touch-ups by professional painters in Pinjarra aren’t sufficient to cover up flaws such as chipping, cracking, bubbles etc and that’s when the need of repainting is highly felt. A new coat of paint can do wonders for your space and make your bathroom inviting. Besides amplifying the curb appeal, paints add character and turn your outdated space into a perfect at-home retreat.

At Desire Painting WA, we have formidable experience in house painting services and offer innovative painting techniques to make your property stand out. Our team comprises of accredited professionals who are competent in providing advanced painting techniques and offer flawless paint coverage worthy to last. If you are ready for a new makeover for your home, speak to us and grab the lowest quote!