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4 Incredible Interior Painting Tips for New Home Buyers

Have you recently shifted to a new abode and excited to decorate your space? Well, relocating to a new home can be overwhelming and you may likely want to make your space truly yours! What is a better way to transform your space other than upgrading interior walls with fresh coats of paint? Yes, you read it right. A successful paint makeover can add character to your space and make your home welcoming. So, if you are ready to take the leap, here are some expert-recommended tips to make your interior paintwork stand out.

Decide a Theme

Every house has a character and before plunging into interior paint job, you must analyse what your house demands. Your house may feature expensive bay windows, marble countertops, stone fireplace and brass fixtures etc. You may likely highlight the character of your home with a paint that reflects your personality, passion and sense of style. For instance, white, grey, nude or pastel shades are great to amplify your living room walls. If you want to incorporate a rustic feel at your fireplace, you may go for dark brown shades or other timeless paint choices. Invest time in analysing your needs and consult with local painters in Perth to decide what type of paint would work well with the architectural detail of your home.

Analyse the Size of Your Room

The size of your room plays a key factor in deciding the right paint type. Usually, dark colours aren’t ideal for small rooms as it makes the space look more cluttered and clumsy. You may go for lighter hues to spruce up your walls. Avoid using glossy sheen for cramped spaces as it would look weird and dull. For large rooms, you may ask interior painters in Kelmscott to incorporate mix and match patterns by combining dark shades with lighter tones to set the overall mood of your space. Stick to bright colours as they create a sense of depth and the illusion of a bigger space. Additionally, you may highlight accent walls with bold colours and make your rooms stand out.   

Pay Attention to Surface Prepping

Whether you are revamping a small room or the entire house, surface prepping is something you can’t afford to skip if you are willing for a successful paint makeover. Before applying paint on new drywall, sand out the surfaces and make the base smooth and ready for paint. Apply good quality primer as it would help paint adhere firmly to walls and prevent the problem of peeling, chipping and cracks. It’s best to hire house painters in Caversham who can execute the job successfully and make paint last for decades.

Highlight Your Furniture

Whether you are investing in new furniture or bringing your existing collection, you need to choose paint colours that can seamlessly blend in with the aesthetics and theme of your space. Apply a handful of paint swatches on some larger pieces of furniture and check whether it complements your space. What paint would work well with brown coloured leather couch or fabric sofa sets can be best recommended by professional painters. Therefore, feature your furniture according to the aesthetics and theme of your space and make interior paint successful.